Podcast about Data Science on Developer Weekly

What does a Project Manager do with Emily Luijbregts Developer Weekly

This episode is brought to you by me. If you like this show and want to support it, please visitmy courses on Pluralsight and buy my new book “200 Things Developers Should Know”, which is about Programming, Career, Troubleshooting, Dealing with Managers, Health, and much more. You can find my Pluralsight courses and the book at www.developerweeklypodcast.com/About Emily is a Project Manager with over 10 years experience in managing projects in a variety of international, complex situations. She specializes in working with remote teams and different cultures. Her passion is sharing knowledge and helping other Project Managers develop and overcome their difficulties. Show resources:Emily’s blog: www.emthepm.comFollow Emily on TwitterConnect with Emily on LinkedInLet me know what you think of the show by rating at in your favorite podcast player. You can easily do this by going to https://ratethispodcast.com/developerweekly. 
  1. What does a Project Manager do with Emily Luijbregts
  2. RavenDB with Oren Eini
  3. A Data Science Primer with Megan Bloemsma
  4. .NET 5 with Scott Hunter
  5. Building a Personal Brand and a Bit About SQL with Pinal Dave

Thanks to Developer Weekly for inviting me!

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