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Ethical Hacking with Dale Meredith Developer Weekly

This episode is brought to you by me. If you like this show and want to support it, please visit  my courses on Pluralsight and buy my new book "200 Things Developers Should Know", which is about Programming, Career, Troubleshooting, Dealing with Managers, Health, and much more. You can find my Pluralsight courses and the book at www.developerweeklypodcast.com/AboutDale Meredith has been a Certified Ethical Hacker/Instructor EC-Council for over 15 years, and Microsoft Certified Trainer for over 20 years. Dale also has an additional 10 years of senior IT management experience and worked as a CTO for a popular ISP provider. Dale's expertise is in explaining difficult concepts and ensuring his students have an actionable knowledge of the course material. Straddling the line of fun and function, Dale's instruction is memorable and entertaining. Dale's knowledge and understanding of current trends in technology and applications have led to many opportunities, such as: training various Inc 500 companies, universities, and Divisions of the Department of Homeland Security for the United States government.Along with authoring for Pluralsight, consulting, and IT classroom training, you can catch Dale on stage speaking at IT conferences, helping IT teams keep their companies safe, relevant, and "breach" aware. Outside of the professional sphere, Dale spends quite a bit of his time giving back by speaking at adult and youth non-profit community gatherings and posting on his 'Dale Dumbs IT Down' social media sites. Dale uses these speaking engagements and social media sites to 'Dumb Down IT' concepts with the intent to help everyone be safe and smart with their technology and personal devices.Show resources:Dale's Pluralsight coursesEthical Hacking Fundamentals path on PluralsightFollow Dale on Twitterdaledumbsitdown YouTube channel
  1. Ethical Hacking with Dale Meredith
  2. C# 9 and beyond with Mads Torgersen
  3. Teaching, Presenting, Reach and Impact with Scott Hanselman
  4. The Future of Technology with Steven van Belleghem
  5. Live coding on Twitch with Michael Crump

Thanks to Developer Weekly for inviting me!

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